Saturday, November 21, 2009

COLLAGE boutique new business partner!

Its an honor having Collage boutique as a new business partner!

This premium boutique is located in a very cool district of down town Los Angeles and has the finest fashion selection picked personally by the impecable taste of its Japaneses owners.

Please visit their beautiful boutique where you can find some hilda55 products.




Friday, November 20, 2009

hilda55 FERRO denim Jacket

hilda55 ¨Ferro¨ denim jacket

Influenced by train operators in the 40´s -workwear never has been so elegant ! fabric. 100% black raw denim. style. regular fit/classic cut (waist long). description. 12.5 oz raw denim with regular fit. This jacket have no industrial wash to keep the original look & color of the denim but more important is to preserve water.
All our processes are focused in not pollute and wasting water that is why most of our models are developed in dry processes.
note fit. this is a unisex piece and comes in this size relation. estimated size. (30-S) , (32-M) , (34-L) and (36-XL). color. dark blue. hidden details. Water based Ink inside print, cooper bottons and there is a leather label under the neck. washing directions. never wash … in case of washing: by hand cold water and let dry hung in the shadow.
designed & assembled in mexico with imported denim.