Sunday, September 12, 2010

relax Jeans Model (j1957A)

hilda55 ¨Relax¨ (j1957A) carrot fit !

fabric. 99% cotton & 1% stretch denim.

description. relax jeans this jeans are made for active lifestyle because of its 99% cotton & 1% stretch denim from cone mills factory. (one of the best denim factories in the world). dark rinse, long and comfortable crotch and a 7 inch leg ending. Its been engineered for skate & longboarding and to push the pedal riding your bike.

color. dark blue.

washing directions. handwash, hang to dry out of sun light or just use the hilda55 antibacterial solution.

sizes: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 34

designed & assembled by mexican hands with imported denim by hilda55

donpancho denim shorts (us010d)

donpancho denim shorts (us010d)


fabric: 12oz. 100% distressed cotton denim (imported)

description: Under knee shorts, slim fit with confortable crotch with no hems at the edge, so you can fold them up for a fashion look or just wear them raveled (it has a single line of sewing to stop raveling)

washing directions: Regular wash (save water use antibacterial solution)

sizes: 29, 30, 31, 32 & 34

Friday, September 10, 2010

hilda55 leggings

hilda55 leggings

leggings are always needed !

fabric. cotton, polyester, spandex

color. black

washing directions. regular wash

Acapulco gold shorts (ws010ag)

Acapulco Gold shorts (ws010ag)

label. chic & glam; versatile fabric for versatile lifestyle!

fabric. stretch denim covered with gold color flock.

description. High rise, two pockets, stretch shorts with 2 buttons at the front.

note fit. runs true to size.

color. gold

washing directions. Regular wash, but to keep the original denim attributes, we recommend hand wash with 
antibacterial or dry cleaning.