Wednesday, October 7, 2009

recycled fashion

The collaboration was born out of a conversation between Pedro Tarno of hilda55 and Amanda Watkins about a box of past season t-shirts and a shared ecological and economical outlook.

Amanda Watkins who is currently residing in mexico but trained in London at the Royal college of Art, used the technique of customization as part of her work for her collections, came up with some suggestions as to how they could be changed and customized to present a new and cool image, totally green in concept.

There are 7 simple pieces in the limited edition collection that originate from mens t-shirts and are now enjoying there second lives as sexy beach or casual wear.

Available in naked dressing room and

there is an article of Amanda Watkins by the Dazed and Confused japanese edition Magazine. Please read it (if you speak japanese)

the principles we followed:
  • rethinking design for entire fashion cycle
  • re-claim and reuse previously discarded materials
  • upcycle to use old materials to make a product of higher or equal quality
  • refit and remodel to make good an existing item by totally refitting
  • recreate through customisation to create a totally modern item
  • reduce waste

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