Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tips for customizing your jeans.....

One way to custom design your jeans is to bleach them:

There are two ways you can do this. Be sure to put on protective plastic gloves before working with bleach.

Way 1-Fill a bucket with water and add two cups of bleach to it. Be careful not to spill! Then take a sponge and dip it into the water with bleach mix. Squeeze it to release extra water and then wipe the creases of your jeans with it. Repeat this until you get the desired effect.

Way 2- The second way to bleach your jeans is with a toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush in the water/bleach bucket and then spritz your jeans with it. You can replace the toothbrush with an actual spritzer bottle if you want a more even tone.

Another way to customize your jeans is sandpaper them:

Step 1-Put the jeans on. You will achieve the most natural looking finish on your jeans if you wear them as you use the sandpaper to distress them.

Step 2-Decide where you want to distress your jeans. The best finish will be achieved by distressing the places on your jeans that would normally show signs of wear. These places include the knees, the back pockets, the bottom hems and the belt loops.

  1. Step 3-Fold the sandpaper to make it easier to hold. Rub the sandpaper gently over each area you want to distress. Continue rubbing the sandpaper back and forth until the jeans begin to look worn. Be careful not to over-distress them which will cause a hole to form in the fabric. (However, if your goal is to create a hole, then continue rubbing the sandpaper on the jeans until a hole forms.)

    Step 4-Take the jeans off and wash them before wearing.

    here are some great videos for customizing your own jeans:





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  1. Pues tengo unos jeans a los que les vendría muy bien esta técnica, ha!